Our monitoring tools allow us to put in place surveillance as well as sectorial and thematic indicators

Consumer mags

Since the beginning of the company we have followed the evolution of the loyalty programs of the principle fmcg groups, of Procter & Gamble to Nestlé passing through Nivea and Garnier.
We analyze in particular the coordination of offline and online messages and the recruitment campaigns the programs and of course the innovations and best practices.

Energy suppliers

A thorough analysis of B to B CRM programs of electricity or gas providers

Emailings' subjects

With the decline of the mail opening rate, the subject of the emails becomes of vital concern.
We follow their evolution in terms of the choice of semantics, verbs, of length, the inclusion of mini pictograms…

Misappropriation of brands

Many promotional programs of dubious ethics trap their prey with tempting by promoting your brand.
Our tools allow rapid detection of the malicious use of your brands and to warn you.
We can also inform you as to the identity of the databases which had accepted to publish these offers.