Our contribution to sustainability

Making our contribution to a better world !


ontributing to a world that is more balanced and more respectful of the environment is everybody’s business: Individuals who have to change their habits of consumption and adopt a more responsible life-style, major corporations who must redesign their production processes and reduce their ecological footprint but also smaller businesses like ours, and even more so as our Founder is a professor of sustainability marketing and communication in a prestigious Parisian school of commerce.
We therefore attempt to improve each year our fundamental goals:
• How can we make life better and more equitable for our employees for our clients and our service providers?
• How can we reduce the ecological footprint and use our position as monitor to diffuse best practices in this area?
• How can we assure our profitability while respecting that of our partners and our service providers?
We integrated this paradigm into our long term development project “B.L.O 2022” … where B.L.O means: “Better Life as Outcome“

Respecting diversity

Our recruitment policies rely upon concrete testing which places the candidate in a situation. The grading criteria are very narrow and fact-based. We were pleasantly surprised to see the large proportion of young graduates from immigrant backgrounds finishing with the best results.
Our role thereafter is to develop their professional competences and eventually to serve as a trampoline for management positions within B.L.O or other structures.
We are therefore attentive to their concerns in order to better respond to their needs in terms of internal or external training.
In parallel, the founder of B.L.O is an active member of the AFIP, support association for young graduates from immigrant backgrounds, where he conducts on a regular basis awareness seminars for business creation launched on his own initiative.

Reducing the environmental footprint

Our team has incorporated a respectful approach to the environment since the inception of the company.
How is this carried out on the small scale of B.L.O?
WE begin by an analysis of our ecological footprint which allows us to then identify our available leverage.
This is followed by systematizing small gestures that become widespread within the framework of the project “B.L.O 2022″:
• Systematically reusing returned envelopes from our correspondents, which can be recycled up to 15 times,
• Transport of the commercial team via public transport or in car-sharing plans like Autolib in the Paris region ; by train for longer distances,
• Dematerialization of our accounting documents; it is also regrettable that despite our advice to our clients that the billing processes are not more systematically dematerialized…

Assuring a fair distribution of the profits

Our policy is respectful of our clients but also of our partners and service providers, whether it is in terms of margins or payment deadlines.
As far as margins are concerned we do not attempt to price cut out service providers to optimize our own margins. We take into account the unique constraints on their profits to purchase at an equitable price and resell without exaggerating the margin applied to our clients…
As far as payment deadlines are concerned and even though few of the major international groups, which form our client base, settle in less than 60 days, from the date of billing, we respect the constraints imposed by the French Law in that field (Economy Modernization Act) vis-à-vis our service providers in order that they don’t experience any cash-flow problems.