Cross-sectional studies and ad hoc focus


n addition to our competitive intelligence, which is essentially based on our annual subscriptions, we can provide for you quantitative and qualitative surveys.
The scope of our study is international.
You generally assign us cross-sectional studies concerning the characteristics of loyalty programs and the services they offer.
Thanks to our tools, we can then show you how the advantages of these loyalty programs are promoted via direct communication or through social media.
Other interest of combining our surveys to our tools: we are even able to pull up numerous B2C or B2B studies disseminated by your competitors toward Internet users.

Cross-sectional studies

You might find very interesting information in loyalty programs in markets other than yours.
Indeed certain, non-competitive actors have become such a reference point in terms of loyalty programs that it is imperative that you access their best practices.

Thematic studies

We also highlight specific topics so that you can obtain the best practices in the market in terms of digital communication: Which services are offered by the loyalty cards? What is the responsiveness level of the after-sales service in my market? What is the typology of the offers sponsored by my competitors?

Dissemination control

Thanks to our call center situated in Morocco, we are able to verify the awareness of your campaigns and to gain an idea about actual penetration of competitive loyalty programs.
We have also conducted verifications in terms of the quality of diffusion thanks to a partnership network of bailiffs.

Flash market studies

It is sometimes necessary during the implementation of a competitive intelligence project to obtain complementary information about precise topics relating to your target.
Our call center, located in Morocco allows us to rapidly implement studies aimed at these topics, and with advantageous budgetary conditions.

Contextual analysis

You just conducted a large emailing, mail-out or SMSing campaign and you are unable to explain the results.
It might be that important initiatives from the competition in terms of direct marketing escaped the attention of your services.
We will highlight the key explanatory factors.

International benchmarks

It is always interesting to follow your local competition but also the leaders in your international markets: you will discover that numerous innovative initiatives are often introduced in in countries such as the US or Scandinavia but also in the UK as wells as less obvious countries such as Mexico, Japan or Brazil.