NoiseOnNames reveals the marketing databases

Nothing can be hidden from you!


ur panel members across the entire territory have been creating trap addresses in several thousand listbrokers’ or advertisers’ databases for more than 10 years.
We therefore have thousands of telephone numbers, postal addresses or email addresses from clearly identified sources which receive daily tens of thousands of messages.

Each trap address is:
• proper, non-expandable or reduplicatable
• systematic email opener
• click only when we decide

This allows us to:
• be aware of the flow of addresses between the different commercial databases
• detect false new databases which are, in reality, nothing more than a compilation of old addresses
• detect databases allowing the passage of spam or phishing attempts
• assess the strength of requirements of the databases in relation to the selected advertisers
• measure the real level of pressure applied to the databases in relation to how old the profile is
The majority of this information is vital for the reputation of your Brand: a reputable Brand published in a poor quality database will necessarily suffer damage in terms of image.