Your needs

We answer to a broad spectrum of needs which you expressed


ach of our solutions has been developed out of the articulated needs of our clients.
They apply as much to the world of B2C as to the world of B2B.
Our partners in the business sector are not drawn exclusively from marketing and managing directors. Also, beyond our strategic tools we have developed simple to use services for those in charge of CRM, those handling e-marketing, those responsible for e-reputation as well as the middle management marketing.
We strive to constantly facilitate the circulation of information
between all the relevant stake holders in your business
More generally, a market study has indicated to us that you want:
* Ultra-rapid news concerning the initiatives of your market. * Easily reusable supports for your own presentations (not PDF documents PDF for instance)
* Quarterly reports revealing the broad trends and the best practices within your market
This study also surprised us in the measure that few among you asked for online tools allowing them to research the information themselves, this being due to a lack of time and an aversion to the sophisticated requirements.

Be aware of the pressures being exerted on your priority targets

A few of the questions we will answer: How many newsletters do my competitors publish monthly? Are they going to change this cadence according to the number of emails they will send out monthly? Are the large, faithful clients or the registered or unregistered customers of my competitor submitted to the same pressures? By e-mail? By SMS?
On which targets are mail-outs the most frequent?

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Explain changes in sales

I need to interpret the changes in the market share or sales of my brand over a period and I cannot find any explanation in terms of media or store promotions.

  • Have my competitors launched a direct marketing or major CRM campaign during this period?
  • My own email or mail-out campaign did not work well. Have I been the victim of the repercussions of similar campaigns organized by my competitors?

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Access the best practices

How can I optimize my multichannel communication, how to best adapt it to each of the channels in order to gain maximum impact?
How to position myself the most appropriately as a service provider (beyond just my products) to my clients?
How can I integrate into my communication strategy the latest trends in terms of social media and the visualization of services: Interactive chats, smartphone apps, enhanced realism, and 3D printing…?

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Justify your budgets

We provide accurate data to support your recommendations: Pressure exercised by your competitors, nature of the proposed offers, number of external databases used for recruitment.
Show that your competition is less active in the domain of direct marketing is also important: This allows you to free up your budget for other initiatives such as the shelf prices or store promotions.