Loyalty programs’ team

Multichannel marketing expert - Juliette Chapront

Graduate of Essec Business School and statistician by training, Juliette Chapront has 20 years of professional experience in business. Director of studies during 7 years, she manages projects centered upon client satisfaction, survey management, geomarketing, database analysis, and all this or a variety of clients.
She joined Unilever in 2004, as director of marketing, in charge of marketing activation and customer issues in the group’s relational program.
Passing from the B2C to B2B, she took over the responsibility for direct marketing and SME SMI clientele for Manpower. In 2012, she joined Demos, the number 2 in training for all of France as Marketing Director France, in charge of all the channels including the new media.
Impassioned by pedagogy and the transmission of knowledge, she has occasionally acted as a consultant since the beginning of her career and is presently an expert consultant/trainer in the fields of marketing and of influence.
She will assist you to:
• Build a multichannel marketing plan in line with the company strategy and customer expectations
• Measure the Return on Investment of the multichannel marketing activities
• Identify and implement the key elements for successful client relations, acquisition and loyalty
• Integrate the social-social networks in multichannel marketing
• Balance your client data and your needs for their multichannel activation
• Draft, write interview guides, host and analyze the summary of focus groups

The international CRM expert - Diane Rémond

Rich in experience of over 20 years (B2C, B2B, international problem issues), Diane Rémond can guide you in the evaluation of the experiences you provide to your clients, including the implementation of CRM tools and managing change within your organization.
• Manager CRM international – Accor : 2009 – 2014
• Senior Manager Marketing Direct – Disneyland Paris : 1998 – 2009 / Manager of divisions DATA et PROGRAMMES
She will assist you to:
• Improve customer track
Put yourself in the place of the client. Analyze the experience at each point of contact. Define “quick win” and the view. Distinguish what is indispensable from what is superfluous. Elaborate the service and the conditions for its implementation; provide for client information sharing between the various client relations components, in multichannel.
• Build the CRM platform
Think of CRM as an ecosystem. Audit the tools and processes in place. Define the target solution and the building blocks (master data management, personalization engine, and campaign management). Choose the tools. Design client databases. Supervise the project, support the implementation.
• Target and categorize
How to transform customer data into knowledge and the knowledge into action? Categorize the client databases, classify them, target. The campaigns. Measure across client indicators. Predict thanks to the scores. Introduce a contact strategy to develop customer value.
• Support the change, the transition
Redefine team member roles. Train in client marketing concepts. To set up the processes and project management teams.