Implementation of in-shop and internet purchasing scenarios

Mystery shoppers in the sales outlets

Together with you we define the buyer profiles and purchase behavior scenarios which our teams will carry out in the stores:

  • new client
  • passive client to reactivate (made a single purchase)
  • small irregular client
  • large faithful client
  • voluntary churners
  • etc.

The procedures for the feedback on our observations are identical to those used with DM viewer:

  1. daily alerts on new communications having a particular interest
  2. monthly report listing all the operations in chronological order
  3. presentation of quarterly reports

Mystery-Shopper im Internet oder über Smartphone

E-shopper is the natural counterpart to LC-Shopper: it concerns the follow up of clients making online purchases or via their cell phones.
Here too numerous scenarios can be implemented by playing with the parameters of recency, of frequency and the amounts purchased.
We can also eventually transform the loyal clients into voluntary churners or, more rapidly, carry out cart abandonments.
We also recommend that you combine LC-Shopper and e-Shopper to analyze how your market uses its online program to generate shop traffic or on the contrary to try and convert your in-store shoppers to online clients.