The B.L.O label of databases

The independent label which certifies the ethics of databases

B.L.O is the specialist of direct marketing surveillance in France, co-founder of the Club Marketing Direct of l’Adetem.
In light of this, we have a very precise vision of the activities of direct marketing databases, whether they are internal advertising or destined for a list broker business.
The aim of the B.L.O label is to reward the owners of databases (BDD) who adopt a respectable behavior toward internet users.
We find that they are often the victims of competition between multiple database compilers with questionable morals.
As for large advertisers, it is a question of protecting their e-reputation to ensure that emailing remains a viable channel for transmitting their messages at key moments.
The consumers for their part will therefore be better informed about these bad practices that are currently taking place and know the databases which flood their inboxes. Now, what we are seeing is a very large diversity of discriminatory behavior, whether it is between advertising and commercial databases, between databases paid per each thousand and the databases paid according to results. The current trend is an increasing number of non-solicited, undesirable messages in the inboxes of internet users and subsequently a stiffening of filtering policies by (ISPs).
In our opinion it is indispensable to distinguish between the databases which respect the internet user in their practices by a specific ethical label.
We have therefore decided to launch the B.L.O ethical label, recognizing 3 levels of ethical excellence in internet relations: silver, gold and platinum.
Four main appraisal points are taken into account for the ethical evaluation of a database:
1. The number of monthly messages sent to the internet user
2. The ease of unsubscription
3. The clarity of opt-ins
4. The transparence concerning the origin of registration of the internet user’s addressee in the database in question.
Databases such as have received slier or better labels.