Panorama of the recruitment campaigns of your competitors

Which data will the DM Viewer offer you?

  • Detection of recruitment campaigns or the identification of the competition: emailing but also newsletter illustrations in your markets.
  • Follow up of the number of commercial databases used during their campaigns
  • Analysis of the rationale of reexamining the initial profiles
  • Typology of the offers destined for prospective clients, evolution of these offers during the long term
  • Indicators of the success of campaigns of conquest: adoption of a concept shortly afterwards, analysis of minor modifications implemented to enhance the impact of the campaign
  • Analysis of the subject of emails and their evolution over time
  • Detection of drive to store, drive to Facebook, drive to paper campaigns
  • Detection of phishing campaigns or hijacking your trademark

What are the deliverables offered by DM Viewer?

With DM Viewer, we offer you an annual subscription which allows you to benefit from:

  • ultra rapid alerts in MS Outlook format with the visual aids submitted to you in jpeg format
  • exhaustive monthly reports in Excel format
  • quarterly analyses of trends and best practices on the basis of a PowerPoint document

A systematic and precise methodology

We are able to detect practically all the conquest campaigns undertaken by your competitors
Indeed, our colleagues have created close to 7,000 trap addresses (which we call “trackers”) each having a precise profile in more than 2,000 commercial databases and nearly 1,000 advertisers’ databases.

Worth noting is the fact that each one of our DM Viewer trackers has the following characteristics:

  • It is a net name, which can not be deduped with names from other sources.
  • It is an automatic email opener
  • It does not perform purchases except if B.L.O decides to do it

We therefore have a total control over the history of actions and reactions of our trackers.