Competitive intelligence

Emailing, mail-outs, SMSings, social media, websites


ompetitive intelligence is the founding activity of B.L.O.
Its reflexes are therefore written into the DNA of the company and in its teamwork.
We see this activity as strategic: It provides you with the means to situate yourself in the obscure universe of non-media and of CRM and to take THE RIGHT DECISION.
It is therefore, indispensable confidence reigns between us and that that we provide you with a minimum of elements of briefing so that we are able to better respond to your needs for surveillance.
Each day we handle more than 10,000 messages from more than 2,000 different databases. It is very difficult to slip between the cracks of our system!
We are always attentive to your needs and it in this context that we have developed 5 specific tools for multichannel surveillance.

Surveillance of DM conquest and recruitment

With DM Viewer, we offer you an annual subscription which allows you to benefit from:

  • ultra rapid alerts
  • exhaustive monthly reports
  • quarterly presentations offering you our analyses of trends and best practices

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CRM and loyalty programs surveillance

With our LC Shopper packs (in-store purchases) and e-Shopper, we create mystery shoppers who follow purchasing scenarios created together with you in order to match as closely as possible the targeting strategies of your competitors.
The procedures for the feedback on our observations are identical to those used with DM viewer.

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Surveillance of retargeting

This refers to the implementation of scenarios based upon behavior on the websites of your competitors. The objective is to analyze how our competitors exploit the browsing data of their potential clients in order to reach them more effectively. That also includes, of course the simulation of abandoned carts.

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Revealing the databases activity

Active in more than 2000 commercial databases and with advertisers, we are able to show you the real pressure exerted in each one of these databases.
We also shed light upon the flow of addresses between the different databases. There are numerous new databases which ultimately do little more than recycle old addresses.

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