How to decide without understanding?

Very often, competitive surveillance is assigned to interns or junior employees within your firm. It is inexpensive, certainly, but is it wise? Is it efficient in terms of time spent to train tem and supervise them? And will they be able to implement a rigorous and dependable surveillance of the activities of your competition?
Surveillance is a job requiring an expert. Information revealed during surveillance often carries strategic consequences for the business. B.L.O was founded in 2005 by professionals in marketing and CRM, It is against this background and a strongly expressed desire on your part: bring greater transparency to the activities of your competitors and in the quality of your outlets.
You can therefore act immediately and develop the most suitable strategy.
Since its creation, B.L.O has put together a methodology allowing you to install greater transparency, notably in the domain of CRM.
Its know-how is built upon a systematic and measured presence in the B2C and B2B marketing databases and upon the creation of consumption scenarios.
Benefitting from the status of Young Innovative Business (Jeune Entreprise Innovante), B.L.O rapidly received support from the state (CIR) and organizations such as Oséo (B.P.I), Paris Développement and Paris Business Angels for the development and financing of C-thrudata (R) its proprietary tool designed to treat and develop complex multisource data.
Other than our unique methodology for the treatment of data and of the restitution of categorization strategies of your competitors, we base all of our planning upon 2 creeds:
1st creed: We are convinced that the future of your businesses require an approach encompassing sustainable development. We therefore emphasize best practices in term of sustainable development within our markets.
2nd creed: We are as equally convinced that the future of your brands must adopt an Ocean Blue Strategy approach and breakdown of rules for the global marketplace. We are therefore particularly vigilant to help assist you to detect the emergence of new rules and new competitors.
But we are also guided by 4 fundamental values which form an integral part of our DNA:

  • 1st value: HUMANISME. Whether it is with our colleagues, or those of our clients and service providers, we maintain respectful relations toward differing origins and opinions. Our primary concern is to be as available as possible for our clients so that they feel listened to and accompanied.
  • 2nd value: DISCRETION. Our economic model would not survive were we to accord exclusivity of individual market sectors to our clients, we have written extreme confidentiality into the DNA of our firm. We have trained our team to not disseminate anything other than non-sensitive “white or open source (OS)” information, information readily available in the public sector concerning marketing operations and obtained thanks to our tools. Relying on other types of information is strictly forbidden: « grey information (comments gathered during discussions with clients) and of course “black information” (purchased from your competitor’s collaborators).
  • 3rd value: TRANSPARENCE. We explain to you clearly our methodology and reveal to you very frankly and with you without any hidden political bias the facts, and nothing but the facts. We are not an agency and have nothing to gain in misusing the information in this manner
  • 4th value: RELIABILITY. Reaching 10 years of experience has allowed us to refine our models and to enhance their precision

Beginning of our business center in Morocco

Launch of our surveillance tools for social media and follow up of the e-reputation

Launch of B2B activity with Arval (automobile leasing)

Creation of multiple profiles redeeming different types of coupons from the paper magazines

Founding of B.L.O
First contracts: Unilever and Bledina (Danone baby food)

Why call on B.L.O?

1. Easy to master tools

We know that our price monitoring will be invaluable to you:
• For preparing your annual budgets
• For diffusing your benchmarks within your company
• For initializing the context of the analyses resulting from your own operations.
We utilize a document format which is easy for you to master. And which you can recuperate partially or in its entirety in your own presentations: Excel for reports, PowerPoint for the analyses and Outlook with JPG image attachments for alerts. This saves you time while offering you efficiency.

2. Strategic surveillance rather than just monitoring

We are well aware of the strategic importance of surveillance and the impact that it can have on your make on your major decisions.
That is why we follow 2 fundamental principles in order to provide you with high-quality service:
1. We assign your follow-up to marketing professionals whom we train internally to the specific reflexes required for the competitive intelligence field (notably the sense of observation and interpretation).
2. We go well beyond simply informing you simply about the initiatives taken by the competition (monitoring) to bring you our own analysis of the trends and best practices of your market.

3. A smart approach to panel studies

Our role is not to finance numerous panelists with your budget few of whom, in the end, will have little utility to you or your competitive intelligence. We have therefore innovated by developing a specific approach to the recruitment of panelists for the B2C and for the B2B.

• For the B2C
We create virtual homes in the programs you wish to follow based upon your required monitoring as outlined in your briefing (size and age of the household, revenues, region…).
These virtual households are hosted by real households who have lent us their postal addresses that we may receive the mailings. We can go even further by activating these households whether it is in terms of online shopping or store purchases, increased discount coupon use, game participation or response to an online survey.

• For the B2B
It is impossible to create virtual businesses. But here too we actively seek the most intelligent solution to optimize your costs.
For each intelligence mission we recruit a panel of companies limited in scope but which correspond perfectly to your requirements: a company that has a fleet of 5 vehicles, an innovative VSE, artisan bakers etc.
We then establish contact with the business in accordance with the quality and quantity of its operations.

4. Multichannel monitoring

We do not consider that a competitive analysis limits itself to the observation of just one of these channels. In effect, each channel has its own advantages:
• Capacity and valorization of postal delivery
• Frequency of the emailing
• Reactivity area of SMSing
• Links and interactivity of social media
We are, therefore, strongly interested in the way your competitors combine various channels of CRM in order to optimize their impact. We will show you in particular all the transactions from one channel to the other:
• Drive to web
• Drive to web coupons
• Drive to store
• Drive to mobile apps
• Drive to social media
• Drive to postal mailing