360° audit of your CRM program

Process expert - Jean Préau

Jean Préau (HEC Business School) began his career with a good school, marketing Pampers with Procter & Gamble. Form there in 1989 be launched the first CRM operation of a large of a high-profile mark in France.
Later, as General Manager he joined a CRM service provider of European dimensions which he led to success toward digital integration.
Realizing the lack of transparency in the realm of direct marketing and following the requests of numerous clients he then created B.L.O with the vision of disseminating greater transparency and best practices in the profession.
He takes on a number of projects with respect to the unsubscriptions and the best practices of the databases of his clients.
His specialties:
• Audit of the practice of reduplication, detection of systems implemented by service providers generating over-killing or under-killing
• Surveillance of uninscriptions
• Verifying the smoothness and uniformity of registration questionnaires
• Verification with respect to market categorization and targeting
• Monitoring the interaction between browsing of emails or newsletters an visits to the home pages of the site
• Audit of patterns adopted by client during purchasing
• Audit of internet sites

Data expert - Pierre Alain Fantuzzi

Educated as an economist, Pierre Alain Fantuzzi commercialized the Access Panel of TNS Sofres.
Later, he distinguished himself by developing during nearly 10 years and with success the online and offline relational databases of the group Danone as an intern then in the management of the KBM agency (programs Danoé then Danone & Vous).
He will assist you to:
• Increase the quality and improve consumer awareness
• Define the “consumer value” of your clients by establishing a returns-based typology
• Optimize your organization and your budgets
• To enrich your data mining
• To refine your web analytics
• To establish the ROI of your CRM by measuring its impact on the BOD (panel Kantar / sales data…)